Caskets For Ashes is a company that has a deep appreciation and respect for the natural environment and the ecosystems of the world. Since its inception, the company has made it a priority to make sustainability and nature a central focus in all its operations, from the way electricity is generated in the workshop to the types of wood used to create its bespoke wooden caskets.

As a responsible retailer of timber products, Caskets For Ashes only uses wood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This organization was established in 1993 to ensure that forests around the world are managed in a responsible manner to preserve them for future generations. When one tree is harvested in these forests, it is replaced by many young trees, resulting in a larger supply of this beautiful material in the years to come.

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To ensure that their handcrafted wood products last a lifetime, they must be finished with oils that nourish the timber and prevent it from becoming dry due to exposure to the air. However, many oils contain harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can have negative effects on people and the environment. They can cause eye irritation and breathing problems and contribute to the greenhouse effect and groundwater pollution.

Caskets For Ashes is committed to using only VOC-free oils for all its products. This ensures that every handcrafted timber product is finished with a natural and food-safe coating, without compromising on quality.

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Woodworking generates a significant amount of sawdust, which Caskets For Ashes recycles into heating briquettes. This is part of their commitment to low-waste practices. They also incorporate renewable energy sources into their daily operations. The workshop is equipped with an array of solar panels that provide electricity for lighting and woodworking machinery, bringing them one step closer to becoming an environmentally responsible business that gives back to nature.

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Caskets For Ashes strives to reduce its overall carbon footprint as a business, and since 2020, they have been involved in a carbon offsetting scheme to balance the portion of its manufacturing that is not yet carbon neutral. To offset the approximately 3 tonnes of carbon emitted annually, it is recommended to plant three trees each year that can absorb this amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

However, Caskets For Ashes goes above and beyond, partnering with a scheme that plants 360 trees each year on their behalf, as well as many other businesses, to offset carbon emissions.

Their commitment to sustainability extends beyond their workshop. Even their website hosting is located in some of the most efficient data centres in the UK. These centres use free cooling techniques, hot/cold aisle containment, and 100% renewable energy. They have a large PuE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of 1.2, and their environmental management policy is assessed externally to ISO 14001 standards.

When purchasing caskets for loved ones, buying from Caskets For Ashes means more than just making them happy. From using high-quality sustainable timber to offsetting carbon emissions, Caskets For Ashes is leading the way in environmental ethics, not just in the UK but