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Crafting Timeless and Elegant Wooden Caskets with Care and Attention to Detail

Our business is dedicated to crafting beautiful and dignified wooden caskets using traditional joinery methods and the finest materials. We understand the importance of providing a final resting place that is both sturdy and elegant, which is why we take great care in the construction and hand finishing of each casket.

With a commitment to quality craftsmanship, our wooden caskets are a timeless and cherished tribute to your loved one. We strive to provide comfort and peace of mind during a difficult time and are honoured to help preserve the memory of those who have passed with dignity and grace.

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We proudly use sustainably sourced timber from local suppliers, ensuring not only the highest quality for our products but also demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Always hand-finished, we have high standards for every casket we create. Each piece is a unique work of art, embodying our meticulous attention to detail and reverence for the craft.

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Made in Cornwall

Nestled in the heart of Cornwall, our family-run workshop uphold traditional carpentry techniques while embracing modern sustainability practices, creating a timeless tribute for your loved ones.


Sarah Smith


“Beautiful casket, perfect for my husband.”
I couldn’t be happier with this casket for my husband’s ashes. The wooden design is stunning and feels like the perfect final resting place for him. Thank you.

Michael Johnson


“Simple and elegant casket for my father’s ashes.”
I wanted a casket that would do justice to my father’s memory, and the oak finish was perfect. The design is simple yet elegant, and the engraving is beautiful. Thank you.

Emily Jones


“Perfect casket for my beloved dog’s ashes.”
Losing my dog was incredibly hard, but having this casket for his ashes has helped me find some closure. The paw print design is adorable, and the casket is the perfect size for him. Thank you.

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